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XXIII edizione

14 > 16 September 2018


The Preparation

The creation of the carpets is the result of complex and difficult work that takes days, weeks and months of patient and skilful work by many people, divided into groups, the tasks are distributed in order to work with harmony of purpose, research and collection of flowers and leaves, in the care and maintenance of them, in choice of flowers and selection of petals, and the study of the sketch at their final disposal, not excluding the facility of adequate lighting. Throughout the night before the feast, the infioratori (floral artists) work in the street bent to the ground, to design, lay down and arrange millions and millions of petals, capable of producing these wonderful masterpieces of ancient and modern art, so full of suggestion, linked to issues not only of tradition but also a contemporary topic. The result, perhaps, even better, is to see the wonderful example of participation of the faithful, who, all together under the guidance of coordinators, are left to their artistic skills and cultural dowries, in order to realize the sketches previously seen and studied.

Everything accomplished, in the late evening of Sunday; the Virgin of Sorrows leads the procession over the beautiful floral carpets carried on the shoulders of the faithful of the Community.

After this homage to the Virgin, the religious purpose having been achieved, the floral carpets, which had previously been kept and guarded with zeal and tenacity, can now also, be treaded on by everyone.


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